Spectre by Levitate

Christian Chu

Spectre is the smallest gastro bistro in Prague. Imbued with new flavours and aromas, it is the experimental laboratory for the Levitate restaurant.  A  Prague revelation, it offers a selection of Japanese-Vietnamese delights.

Chef and co-owner Christian Chu, originally from Hoa-Binh in the north of Vietnam, draws on experience gained in the best restaurants in the world and Japan, from where he recently returned.

In the Spectre, you are being introduced to original gastronomic ideas. New tastes, unconventional  harmonization of ingredients, new dishes and complete meals are created.

 A perfect “prototype meal” is waiting for you on a plate in Spectre. This meal, which may not yet be served in Levitate, will be definitely worth tasting.  You will become part of a gastronomic adventure.

 Spectre is only open in the evening from Tuesday to Saturday. There are only 6 seats at the bar. It is traditional Japanese service, where you can meet and discuss the meal with the chef.  You have the opportunity to try 3, 5 or 7 courses that will “Levitate” you.

 Spectre is a spectre: a phantom that is finding its way into the hearts of Prague's gastro-enthusiasts.

Reservation are required.